2010 Site Update

For 2010, we have rebuilt the Netlab Web site, readying the Netlab's online presence for an exciting year at Columbia and at Studio-X. We decided to launch the new site even though not everything is 100% ready since, even though there are still a few rough patches here and there, the new site is much more effective at conveying our mission. We welcome your comments

The new, dynamically-rendered front page utilizes technology not available when we first developed the site in fall of 2006 to give access to more content, more quickly. The Netlab maintains its commitment to using Open Source software wherever possible by utilizing the Drupal content management system.

We apologize that it seems that Internet Explorer 6 isn't happy with our front page yet. We will try to accomodate it, but it is nine years since it was released. We recommend that you upgrade, not only for the experience of our site, but to improve your experience of all sites.