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Arguably the entirety of architectural production in the last forty years has been dominated by the problem of complexity. Whether architecture that wears the difficulty of complex programs and requirements of contemporary society on its sleeve, that tries to reduce such complexity by providing a neutral background, or that aims toward resolution through a complex but smooth multiplicity (be it a folded or bloblike), complexity is the main problematic facing architecture since high modernism.

The Immediated Now @ Networked

Netlab Director Kazys Varnelis contributed The Immediated Now. Network Culture and the Poetics of Reality to Networked: A Networked Book on Networked Art, a project produced by and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Systems Gone Wild in Volume

Netlab Director Kazys Varnelis reads the Obama Economic Stimulus Plan and the current state of infrastructure nationwide in the context of the research the Netlab undertook for the Infrastructural City. See "Systems Gone Wild: Infrastructure After Modernity" at Volume and "Infrastructure: A Hacker's Manifesto" at the Architect's Newspaper.

Simultaneous Environments in Vodafone


Rapid Response: Collapse!

The Network Architecture Lab presents Collapse!, part of the Studio-X Rapid Response series. 

Collapse! explores the spatial consequences of the "new" economy—the panic of 2008 as well as the last two decades, and the last two years—at a variety of scales: the NYSE trading room to Manhattan, the city to the suburbs, the United States to the world.

networked publics published

Networked Publics, edited by Netlab Director Kazys Varnelis has been published by MIT Press and is now widely available in bookstores and online. It may be purchased at Amazon here.

Book Cover


The Invisible City: Design in the Age of Intelligent Maps

Netlab director Kazys Varnelis and Netlab researcher Leah Meisterlin analyze the role of maps in contemporary society in The Invisible City: Design in the Age of Intelligent Maps. See this important article at Adobe Design Center's Think Tank.

Architecture of Hertzian Space in A+U

Netlab Director Kazys Varnelis published "The Architecture of Hertzian Space" in issue 2008:5 of A+U.

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