The Immediated Now @ Networked

Netlab Director Kazys Varnelis contributed The Immediated Now. Network Culture and the Poetics of Reality to Networked: A Networked Book on Networked Art, a project produced by and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

As part of the Netlab's network culture project, this essay reflects on how network culture is not limited to digital technology or to the Internet but rather is a broad sociocultural shift. Much more than under postmodernism, which was still transitional, in network culture both art and everyday life take mediation as a given. The result is that life becomes performance. We live in a culture of exposure, seeking affirmation from the net. The chapter explores the resulting poetics of the real from YouTube to the art gallery. To be clear, the new poetics of reality is different from established models of realism, replacing earlier codes with immediacy, self-exposure, performance, and remix.

One distinctive feature of this book is that it is open for comments, revisions, and translations and you may submit a chapter for consideration by the editors. The CommentPress system, developed at the Institute for the Future of the Book emerged out of discussions between members of the Institute and the Netlab.