Network City

Network City is the Netlab’s major, multi-year project on the contemporary city. Network City explores how the spread of broadband and wireless networking technologies and the increasing forces of globalization during the last ten years have broadly transformed the way we regard the urban environment.

Within the project, Netlab units investigate specific aspects of the contemporary urban condition. New Typologies investigates the transformation and development of architectural typologies in prosaic building practices. Simultaneous Environments pursues an anthropological approach, modeled on Desmond Morris’s Manwatching, to use photography to explore the impact of digital and network technologies on spatial behavior in everyday life. Collapse questions the sustainability of the sort of highly complex social, technological and infrastructural systems that animate cities today and hypothesizes what might happen in the event that they collapse.
As it builds toward a book-length work, the Network City project has already appeared in public in the form of individual publications on and off-line.
Publications to date:
“The Potential of Passaic,” Thresholds 35, 2010
“Complexity and Collapse,” Interview with Joseph Tainter, Volume 20, 2009
“Simultaneous Environments,” Vodafone Receiver,
“Design in the Age of Intelligent Maps,” Adobe Think Tank,
“Architecture for Hertzian Space,” A+U, April 2008
Team: Kazys Varnelis, Leigha Dennis, Leah Meisterlin, Melanie Schelor, Laci Videmsky