New Typologies

Prosaic building practices are far from glamorous, but as their investigators—from Alois Riegl to Walter Gropius to Le Corbusier to Siegfried Giedion to Bernard Rudofsky to Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown to Rem Koolhaas—have repeatedly taught us, they are a constant challenge and inspiration to architecture. In the spirit of such work, the Netlab sets out on an inventory of today’s typologies across a broad spectrum, examining how network technologies and changing ways of life are impacting the architecture of the everyday.

New Typologies investigates the contemporary urban condition as a found object, looking at both typologies clearly manifestation network society (e.g. data centers, coffee shops) and sites that may initially appear to be less directly impacted (e.g. houses and apartments, stores) but are nevertheless being thoroughly transformed.