Spring 2011

Network Architecture Lab

Professor: Kazys Varnelis, Ph.D.

Assistant: Leigha Dennis


This studio reimagines the factory for the twenty-first century, setting out to understand the architect as a builder of not merely physical edifices but also social, conceptual, and technical structures.


Arguably the entirety of architectural production in the last forty years has been dominated by the problem of complexity. Whether architecture that wears the difficulty of complex programs and requirements of contemporary society on its sleeve, that tries to reduce such complexity by providing a neutral background, or that aims toward resolution through a complex but smooth multiplicity (be it a folded or bloblike), complexity is the main problematic facing architecture since high modernism.

This Will Kill That

This studio begins with our observation that the process of building cannot keep pace with the conceptual ambitions of architecture. Buildings are dead before they are built. 

Networked Utopias

Since the Renaissance, architecture has responded to new socio-cultural eras with utopian and dystopian schemes. Such fantasies have not only served to advance the discipline, but have also been a means by which architecture can research, analyze, and investigate society.

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